Famous Rudicoaster 

Ride the Famous Rudicoaster
The Rudicoaster is Santa's favorite ride and will be yours too, as you wind up and around this fun-filled ride for the entire family. Small toddlers may ride with an adult. Older children may ride alone or with an adult.
Santa's Express Train 

There's Fun in Fun Land
Ho Ho Ho's and Choo Choo's too! Take Santa's Express Train through Zooland, Funland, and Santa's Village. Fun for all ages. This ride goes completly around the park and has 2 depots. All ages welcome to ride.
Kiddie Cars 

Vvroomm, Vvroomm!
Drive your own kiddie race car. You can drive, steer, and change gears too! Small children only. If you fit in the car, you can ride.
Boat Ride 

This ride will make a splash with the little ones.
You can be the captain of your very own boat! Ring the bell and steer too! Suitable for toddlers and young children.
Paddle Boats 

Come relax on the lake!
Visit Whitebeard's Lake and ride the paddle boats! Everyone will enjoy this relaxing voyage around the lake! Young children must be accompanied by an adult. Life vests are provided. Feed our monkeys on Monkey Island, and our beautiful Japanese Koi fish, ducks and geese!
Helicopter Ride 

Fly high or low, you control, on Santa's Helicopter Ride! Even mom and dad can ride this one. Smaller children must be accompanied by an adult.
Old Fashioned Carousel 

A classic and fun ride for ALL ages!
Hop on your choice of beautiful carousel horses, or relax in our comfortable seats. Enjoy Santa's elves singing you around and around and around and......
Ferris Wheel 

Soar above it all!
Catch the breeze and take in the mountain views as you climb aboard the big wheel! All ages may ride, yet small children must be accompanied by an adult.
Umbrella Ride 

Fun for the whole family!
Hop on a motorcycle, firetruck, police car, or school bus and rev your engines! Smaller adults may ride in some cars, but mostly intended for children.
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